Fund Requests

Booster Club exists to enhance the overall student/teacher experience at Beaverton High School. All money raised by Booster Club is distributed to school programs, and is granted in response to fund requests. Requests for funds from the Booster Club must be received at Beaverton High School by 12:00 noon on the first business day of each month (between September and May), using this form:

2016-17 Fund Request Form

The Booster Club executive board will examine all requests and forward them to the general membership for a vote during the monthly Booster Club meeting that takes place on the second Tuesday of each month. If you are submitting a fund request that is being considered for a vote, you or a representative from your sport/activity MUST attend that meeting in case there are any questions or clarifications asked by members in attendance.

Download this document for step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the fund request form, get it signed by the proper Beaverton HS staff members and submitted for consideration:

2016-17 Fund Request Form Instructions

Booster Club has its own mail folder in the front office of BHS, which is where the completed and signed form should be placed. To ensure that Booster Club is aware that you’ve placed this form in the folder, please send an email to, as we are not able to check the mail folder on a daily basis.